SIP-PRI gateway with 6510 to an old PBX


Hi all
our end-user has an old PBX and they don’t want to change it now, but the network provider gives them cheaper trunks on SIP, so they now have to convert those SIP trunks to E1 PRI for theirs old PBX. Can I use it for that function the UCM6510 PBX? As I see, there is in the 6510 has an E1/PRI setting with master and another with slave mode, so I think it would work perhaps. I know, there is an SIP-E1 gateway solution in the Grandstream’s portfolio, but it is now an urgent project. Thank you


There is a time where it becomes because you can there is a time you should not.

You have an older technology telephone system that requires ISDN E1 with a master clock to slave and sychronise to.

Usually this clock is performed from a provider to that older technology as a guaranteed clock cycle to synchronise to. Id suggest to open a ticket with GS support and ask for a guarantee that it will work and function as desired.


It is possible as i done it few times.
But you must have access to PBX as you need exact settings for E1 in UCM.
Setting is done via by DID and trunk calling.


Thanks, it’s encouraging