SIP Peer Trunk Status Alert


In the Alert Event List, there is the option for “SIP Peer Trunk Satus”, when enabling it, you get this popup:

The alert function of “SIP Peer Trunk Status” is dependent on the trunk’s qualify function. Please enable the qualify function of the desired trunks. Do you want to go to the “VoIP Trunks” page to do this now?

In the VoIP Trunk, there doesn’t seem to be an option for “Qualify”, can someone clarify what needs to be set up on the SIP trunk for this alert?

Firmware (UCM6510)


enable that emotion (I put 120 seconds), it serves to monitor the status of the trunk


The option is on the advanced tab.
The advanced tab does not show up initially when creating the trunk.
You must first save the trunk, then go back in and edit.


What’s it called? I don’t see any option with the word “qualify” or anything seemingly related.


Enable Heartbeat detection

back in the day it was “qualify”


Ah ok, thanks!


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