Sip notify commands documentation


Where can I find a list of supported SIP NOTIFY commands and a documentation for them?



Do a Google search for SIP NOTIFY and then look at the RFCs governing such.


How SIP response codes are related to the question?


Do you really think that x-gs-screen is a part of RFC?


I remind you that you are on a user-user forum, it is not Grandstream Support here,
then if you do not give details on what you ask it becomes difficult to reply


I’m on Grandstream user-user forum, and I’m asking about SIP NOTIFY commands supported by Grandstream phones.


here you can ask all the Technical things you want, if you don’t receive answers:


SIP Notify comply with RFC regulations, no IP telephone from any vendor applies different regulations


You asked about supported and documentation for SIP Notify without stating supported by what devices (phone, PBX or other). As the RFC defines the Notify and its usage then you should start there.

If you are looking for the variables that might be contained within a Notify Event specifically related to Grandstream, then you would be best served by submitting a ticket to the helpdesk.


I know that the events “reboot” and “check-sync” are supported, but that’s it. A SIP NOTIFY is pretty basic SDP.