Sip Account password


Hello Everybody!
I Must do Reset Factory For GXP-1625 and i don’t have my sip account password.
how i can recover this password from my device or web application?
please help me.


The manual will show a mechanism by which you can reset the phone using the keys on the phone.


my clinet insist on that i extract the sip account password from the phone and i confused what to do.


To what device is the phone registered to? You should be able to retrieve from there.


The phone is gxb-1625 and it’s trunk server be in other city


i just only have sip server and user id of this phone. i need the password ,that password can be saved in file or memory of gxp-1625?


For obvious security reasons I do not believe the password is recoverable other than being given it from the provider or by resetting it with the provider.


It is saved, but encrypted. After all, it is a password and anyone who could access the web gui of the phone could find out what it is.

There is only one way to find out and that is to access the SIP server which is the control point for the phones. It makes no difference if remote or not, that is your only option if indeed you MUST have that password. Otherwise, set a new password in the SIP server and re-provision the phone.No one will be the wiser.


It should be able to. it must be encrypted.
if it be possible I became worried about security.