SIP account fails to dial out and has to be recreated


So this problem has happened three times now with the same SIP account/extension. The phone works like normal for `n month or two, then one day it refuses to make any outbound calls.

It can receive calls and make internal calls, but when you try to make an outbound call it says “all circuits are busy”. All other phones in our company works normally and can dial out, it’s just this one that has the problem. If I reboot the server and the phone, it makes no difference. It still won’t dial out and gives the same error.

The only solution I found to fix this is to delete the SIP extension on the server and create it again. Then it works again and can dial out like always. As I said this has two times before and now again today, all with the same extension. Any advise one what I can change to pervent this?

Our server is a UCM-6108 and the phone is a GS-GXP2135. We dial out over VOIP lines. My server has the latest firmware I believe,


The latest UCM is for the 61XX.

Before deleting and recreating, start a network capture and do a call and then post. By examining the message contents, perhaps we can see why the call is being rejected and/or can compare with the system settings.

How was the phone provisioned, GAPs, manually, ZC?


I have been having the same issue, however I have not been able to determine a proper fix. As well, how do you create a network capture?


Under Maintenance -> Network Troubleshooting.

It’s a packet capture. You’ll need software like WireShark to view the results.