Single button mute?


Is there a way to set one of the keys on the phone to work as a MUTE key?

Customer is complaining that it’s difficult to put the phone on mute in a hurry, for example if she’s about to cough or sneeze. By the time she presses the option key, then selects MUTE, she’s already coughed or sneezed in the caller’s ear.

Seems like a valid point. Pretty sure there is a mute key or button on the DECT phones but I don’t have one in front of me. I don’t see a way to mute the 822/825’s with a single key.

Any way to do this? Thanks…


Figured it out. You can modify the soft-keys while in a call through the menus on the phone. I was unable to do this via GDMS, there was no option in the GUI and using the pcode didn’t work either.

I provided my customer with these instructions:
1- Go to Menu > Settings > Basic Settings > Custom Button > Softkeys
2- Scroll to In Call section and select Center Key
3- Select mute, then click Save
4- Click the red end key on the keypad twice
5- Make or answer a call and you should now see the mute button on the center soft-key while in the call