Silently send DND code


I’ve added the *77/*78 feature code to DND in the phone’s settings, so that pressing the mute button on the phone lights the extension Red on other phone’s BLFs.

Can the DND feature code be sent to the server (UCM 6302) without loudly playing through the speakerphone?

I see the most common use case of this being when someone is on a cell call or zoom meeting, so they would want to silently mute their extension without the announcement over speaker.


you can do it with the WAVE app or by connecting via the web with user credentials


Just a follow up, as not-perfect-but-good-enough solution we realized that *77/*78 confirmation message played by the UCM doesn’t need to fully play back for DND to be enabled or canceled. So we hit the Mute, wait 3-4 seconds until the UCM voice prompt starts to pick up, then end the “call.”