Silent Ring 2nd SIP Account


I have a SIP account that is the 2nd account for several extensions. I would like all of these extensions to be able to access this account, but I would prefer it to not ring audibly. Setting is up as the 2nd account provides all the access and functions like I would expect, however I can’t seem to figure out how to make it ring silently… I’ve tried “Silent” for the account ringtone, and “No Ringtone” as a custom, all just ring the extensions with a default tone. What am I missing?



So, you went to the second account and set the following?:

I tried it (using a 3275) and it worked for me. The display showed an incoming call, but no ring.


Yes, that’s how I have it setup. I tried calling it from another extension and it was silent. But if I call from the outside it rings. I would like silence all the time.


Figured it out… For external calls I have to set it on the inbound route too.


Then look at the incoming route on the UCM and see what the alert-info is set to.