Show when dialed extension is on the phone


Recently transitioned to Grandstream phones and our users are unable to see if the extension they dialed is currently on the phone. Is there a way to configure this?


It’s called BLF my friend!

Read the manual on Grandstream website, it’s very extensive.

Also, when you say “switched to Grandstream”, you’re speaking of phones or PBX? Or maybe both?


Thanks. I’m familiar with BLF. I was hoping there was a way to do it without monitoring the extension because it’s not possible for every extension to monitor every other extension.

To answer your question, both. We had 3Com phones and PBX… we like to be on the cutting edge. haha


There’s no way without BLF to know if an extension is busy.

You can try Call Completion (if user is busy, the caller can “subscribe” to know when he is free then call again).


Ok… good to know. Thanks for the help.