Shared model configurations between users


I was thinking if anyone was interested in sharing Model Configurations.
The above configuration can be easily copied and pasted with the “Switch to text editor”.
The one below is just an example (incomplete configuration) of a GXV3370:

######Account - Codec Settings######
######Account - SIP Settings######
######Account - Call Settings######


I was noticing that copying here the text would become very long, you should share the zipped txt.


Dear user,

Thank you for your suggestion for GDMS!

Actually, we suggest users to use GDMS UI to set the device configuration, and it is convenient for public users. The “Switch to text editor” is an optional solution for users to configure the device. We plan to improve “Switch to text editor” feature in the future release version, and we will consider to share the zipped txt on the GDMS platform.

Thank you!


@damiano70, I agree the ability to share models between users would great as a support feature. However just copying the text does not share the settings that are set via the GUI drop-downs, etc. AFAIR.

There needs to be a way to share the entire model configuration between GDMS accounts for mutual support or if there remains a need to have multiple GDMS setups for different organizations.


I gave an example of sharing, then the how is to be defined, of course.


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform!

I have a quick question about this request. As we know, if the accounts belong to a same enterprise, they could see the device configuration template in the platform. Therefore, this request and option is used for the different enterprise account? If so, in order to avoid security issue, it is not recommended to share the device configuration file between different enterprise. If the different departments are from same company, they could see the same templates.

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hi @GSSupport74
So, I’m trying to explain myself
my idea here is to share the “basic” settings of the phone.
Not definitely sensitive data, pswd and nothing like that,
example -> Phone GXP2170:

  • Disabled call waiting
  • blf enabled with **
  • etc…
    They are therefore basic values, where then each installer according to his preferences and customer needs goes to customize the phones according to parameters.
    For example, I have my own template for every phone I use from any customer. Then I refine the settings according to the needs. I find it a good idea if used in a certain way. Obviously my idea might not be ideal for others.

I hope I’ve made myself clear :slight_smile:


Dear damian70,

Thanks for your explanations! If the users belong to the same enterprise, they could share the model configurations in the same enterprise. If the users belong to different enterprises, it seems not very necessary for them to share the configurations, the enterprise administrator could define the general template for the enterprise’s users and even though the data are not sensitive, the administrators may be better to check each configuration based on their own requirements. If they check the shared configuration as example, they also need to check each configuration one by one to match the requirements. Therefore, I think we could save this request and wait for more feedback from other testers for future evaluation.

Thank you!


maybe I explained myself wrongly, I did not intend to ask for a feature for this thing to be implemented on GDMS, but it was just a consideration that stops at the Forum about the share of basic configurations between installers :slight_smile:


Dear damiano70,

Got it! Thanks for using GDMS platform and thanks for all feedback from you.

Thank you!