Shared address book (on PBX)


in the queue you can put a message in time that invites you to do what you want, there are often the basic solutions known, others need to be inventive.
We are all good at talking about the competition, but often the competition has the same qualities / defects of the product that we propose. There is no perfect product, there is always a problem or a situation that can be improved. UCM then really has a “low” cost, and anyway it has free options that the competition offers them only for a fee.



Not that you misunderstand me:
I trying to love grandstream devices and isn’t bad at all. Of course it is cheap and you can not expect every feature.
My goal is only how the devices could be improve.


quiet I understood and I think like you


That’s right. But if I remember correctly, the caller have to press ‘#’ to continue. That’s not nice. Else this would be enough. But this would be a own thread. Also while playing message PBX is not responding on key press. But okay, this is a little limit.


I do not know what condition you’re referring to with the #, but anyway I do not think having to press # is a limit


Yes, but back to thread:
In short: the solution would be easy

  • create a LDAP address book on PBX
  • assign connection to phones
    the problem today is “only”, that the connection is not read/writeable.



My opinion is that freepbx is doing right with phonebook.
In freepbx go to inbound routes, fill the CID Lookup Source with the source you prefer, and you have phonebook entries to all off the extention that follow that inbound route.
Even those behind an ATA without LDAP feature.
So i beleive that phonebook should be in the queue and not in the phone, and the entries will be there from pbx web interface, like asterisk phonebook in freepbx as exable.
For Grandstream maybe it would be posible to put an option in inbound route for the LDAP phonebook as a CID Lookup Source.
In that way ip phones that are LDAP ready and phones behind ATA would have the same phonebook entries.