Setup voicemail on 1st login


Hi there,

On all the other UC VoIP PBXes I’ve used (Switchvox, Allworx, ShoreTel, NBX, VCX, Avaya, etc.) there is an option to basically have the user run through the first time voicemail setup options the first time they log into their mailbox. I don’t seem to see that here and when a user logs in for the first time, they’re already in the mailbox… no prompt to change the password, or set up their greetings, etc.

Is there any way to force the user to change their voicemail password and to setup their greeting during the first voicemail login, on the UCM system?

Thanks kindly!


Sorry, that feature doesn’t exist with GS. It sounds like a great idea so you might want to recommend it through…


almost always when I installed a PBX with guided voice mailboxes, I had to disable the process because the customer found it uncomfortable. This is also a subjective thing, it could be a useful option, as long as you can disable it from time to time.


Love the idea, definitely needs an off switch though.


Of course it should have an option to toggle “Prompt User During First Login” or not type setting.

I attempted, foolheartedly, to set something up using the IVR system to mimic the functionality I wanted… basically, to dial the VM extension and auto-enter the prompt choices, for example *97,1234(temp password),0,3

but alas, the system doesn’t like to dial special characters and also just seems to hang up.
I’m going to keep “hacking” at it to see if I can find some sort of work-around. This is literally the only system I’ve used that doesn’t have anything like this.