Setup Alarm on GXV3610_FHD


New to the camera world. I’m working with GS telecom stuff so, I’ve picked up a couple GXV3610_FHD’s to learn with.

So far, everything seems straight forward, (I haven’t tried to setup Gsurf or NVR).

However, I can’t figure out a method to turn the alarm on or off at my discretion. I can setup the alarm on a schedule no problem. But, I’m in and out of my office frequently off schedule so that wouldn’t work for me.

Is there a way to accomplish this or am I supposed to also be using an NVR or somehow connect this to an alarm system?

I’m envisioning a method where I could walk into the office and, similar to using a keypad to disarm an alarm, take some action to disarm the cameras from alerting.


Sorry, the cameras are not able to be disarmed/armed at will using the camera itself. Much like any other security device (reed switches, smoke alarms, motion detectors, etc.), they all monitor for an alarm condition and if one occurs will trip the alarm panel input to which they are connected and the panel will activate the alarm reporting method based upon its zone conditions (enabled/disabled) and armed/disarmed state.

I guess it really depends on your situation and how used. Cameras are usually used to surveil an area. If the area under surveillance is not one where activity is normal or expected, then camera alarms may be beneficial. In your situation, most would have the doors protected using more traditional methods and the camera would simply surveil and record all activity without sending an alarm as this would fall to the alarm panel. If there should be an alarm, the camera recording would then be referred to in order to determine the cause.

I am not aware of a security camera that does what you ask, but then perhaps there are some out there. If any make might have the feature I suspect Mobotix might, but they are very high-end $$.