Settings clear when installed on a secondary profile of an Android device



We use an MDM with Android for Work to deploy Grandstream Wave. Some of our devices are “owned” by us (meaning we have full control over the device) and some devices are “BYOD” which results in managed applications being installed alongside the users’ self-installed applications.

Devices that are fully “owned” and managed by us have no issues with Grandstream Wave being deployed through our MDM. With the BYOD devices, however, every time the app is closed all settings, including configured accounts, are lost. If the user installs Grandstream Wave through their personal account all works fine, this issue only occurs when Grandstream Wave is pushed to their work profile on the device.

Please let me know if there is any troubleshooting I can assist with. Thank you.


Hi, as the uver above mentioned, there’s a problem with GS Wave Lite - Video.
When using it on Work Profile, if you temporaly turn Work Profile off and on again, GS Wave Lite - Video losts all settings. Is there any walkaround for it? GS Wave Lite - Video is awesome for GS suite, but it’s almost impossible to deploy it with this boring bug.

I’m using Grandstream Wave

I appreciate any support.
Thank you.


I am also having this issue, using the GS Wave lite app on work profile clears all settings when the app is exited. If you install it on the personal profile the settings are saved between reboots and exits…

Please fix this as this is a major bug, we need our employes to be able to use the app in their work profile and not on their personal…



we have the same problem here. The app cannot be used in Work profile as the Settings get wiped on exiting the app.
This is a major problem for us.
Please help.