Setting up UMC6108 in small business


Hello everyone,

I am setting up a donated UMC6108 at my business. I have got 3 phones and have them working to make out bound calls as well as get inbound calls. I am currently using flowroute. As I play around with the PBX, I see there is something about fax sending. Right now we use ring central and email scanned images to them that get turned into a sent fax using the 10 digit North American phone number and As I am trying to move to inhouse PBX, is this send fax function that I found in the UMC6108 something that I can use to send faxes? e have a scanner that has a fax modem built into, it but have disabled it and just scan stuff to the email address as the scanner is able to send these as emails.




Continue using RingCentral.

The UCM fax sending server works 1/2 times. It depends a lot on your SIP provider and their ability to use/convert T.38 codec.


OK. Thanks for the recommendation. Since RingCentral is free, I think we will continue with it. Just though I could simplify things if I could use the fax sending server on the UMC 6108


You can certainly test it!

  • Setup Flowroute as your SIP trunk
  • Then try sending a Fax using the Value-Added section
  • If it doesn’t work, check that Flowroute supports T.38 (I think they do) and check your config (headers, CID, etc.)


Note that the UCM6108 is EOL. You won’t get new features so if this is a new install where it might get bigger, I really recommend you buy a 6204 or 6208. Depending on your needs. Pretty sure the 6202 would be great for < 100 phones.


Thanks. It was a donated unit. We have cost issues so are trying to do stuff on the cheap. I think upgrading would be great when funds become available. If we can get a year or 2 out of it then we will have funds to upgrade.


I do believe if there is a major security problem they will still patch but there are no new features. @bvanmeter Can you clarify this for us?


@whowe82, that is Grandsream’s published position on the UCM61xx line.


Correct, no new firmware patches for features.