Setting up static routes for GWN7000


I’m trying to get the GWN7000 to route traffic to a host ( which has a public ip address ) on port 443. Setting up IP forwarding thru NAT does not work. As only the router’s admin interface appears. Any pointers?


port 443 is probably used by the router upstream of the firewall, I think the only solution is to do a port forward from a different port to 443, or change port 443 as the system port used.


There is no upstream router to the GWN7000. The only upstream connection is to an ONT box on WAN1. Tried port forwarding 443 but the only page visible is the GWN7000’s admin page. I know its the right admin page because I can logon.


as I have already written above, port 443 is a system port that the GWN7000 uses for the “upstream” connection on itself, so the solutions I have written above.