Setting up phones without dhcp option 66


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New to the 6204 . Just ran thru a set up and got my T1 gateway up and running , Set up the PBX and all features but am having a Heck of a time with the phones .
1780 and 2170 telephones .
Setting this up for a Customer in my lab , I do not have a full DHCP server . Only a small netgear router and a 24 port POE L2/3 switch not capable of DHCP either . Is there is white paper on how to set the phones up without zero touch ? Or does anyone have any info on this ? Also , I am manually entering in the sip info into the tels as I cannot get them to pick up their info either .


You can refer to this:

Basically, all IP phones are either manually provisioned or have a provisioning server of some type. The issue you face is that when the phone are first connected to the network, they seek info about their IP address and where the provisioning server is located. This is the automated part and if not available. you can manually set the config server so the phone will know where to go look.

Also, check out the following page:
There are a number of tools that may help with configurations and provisioning.


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Thx for the reply .

I input the sip info and they are all registered .

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I’ll start programming the buttons !

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@merlin02131, I’m just curious why you don’t use Zero Config on your UCM6204 for this purpose.

Zero Config is very powerful feature when using a complete Grandstream deployment in my experience. And it is very easy to use.


I am setting up in my lab and I don’t have a dhcp server capable of using dhcp options … I am preprogramming the system and phones to send it out to a site in the next week . So playing around with the options to see if I can find the right one or go out and purchase more equipment … Looks like I’ll either buy a capable dhcp router with options or a dhcp server … The 4501 was a piece of cake so far as I need to just tweek the routes for inbound did’s and outbound calling . We have 22 tels and was hoping to just be able to download the templates as I am prob going to use a TFTP server for the tels here and see my options onsite when I finish the site survey . New to Grandstream but not new to voip telephony as I have been around for a few years ( LOL ) …

Thank You for all the help on this as I appreciate it !




Zero Config does not use DHCP options for deployment.


Option 66 I was told


For Zero Config? Nope. None.


Being new it is difficult to figure out as documentation is tough to find . I DO have docs now and will be reviewing trying to figure out the best option from lab to production .


Drostoker is correct.

If using a UCM, it has the capability to provision GS phones itself using zero-config. It acts as a provisioning server and has the needed templates to make provisioning a breeze. Nothing else is needed from a networking or hardware standpoint. Get the UCM 62XX manual and review the zero-config section. When you connect the phones to the network (local LAN) and they broadcast the discovery protocol, the UCM will see them and populate their presence in the Zero-Config section. You can create a model template for the phone models in use so that a single template can contain the base settings that all phones of that model type will need. Then you can edit the device in the ZC page and assign it a model/template and then its extension number and some other settings if needed and then update. The UCM will send the phone a SIP message which will cause the phone to reach out to the UCM and pick up its configuration. Very quick and easy one you get things set in the templates and understand the how to aspects.


Thx Ipneblett ! Appreciate the help and will let you know !




Well , After Manually attempting to set up the 2170 and 1780 telephones I found something out

2170 telephones download the correct template and update correctly , almost immediately too !
1780 telephones do not

Back in the beginning ( A week and a half ago ) my internet connection in my lab was not set up so I had to download the template manually from the Grandstream server . Upon completing this I added the template in and it shows up in the list . I now have internet in my lab and I did notice after this was working , a host of new templates appeared in the list as well !

BUT : No matter what I do I cannot get the 1780 template to download to the tels . I set the other 20 1780 tels up manually as I need to get ready to deploy . Not sure of the effects of manually setting up and getting the template download resolved to auto download to the 1780 tels … Onsite we will investigate further as we have a production network up and running well now . What I did NOT do is try and set up an HTTPS server as I enabled it but did not follow thru with finishing this . I will onsite and make a repository for our code for phones and system and I will make a directory for templates as well .