Setting Outbound Caller ID's


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Maybe you can read this, Sir,
" On a side note, outgoing Caller ID is not guaranteed on calls to Canadian cellular numbers, even when using the Premium route. This is due to the way Canadian carriers work - they sometimes pass a random Caller ID that they have on record, changing the original. This is out of our control as it is the way Canadian carriers handle calls to cellular numbers. There are also issues with incorrect Caller ID being sent on outbound toll-free number calls from Bell Mobility (and its resellers); the display shows a disconnected Bell number in an area code corresponding to the caller’s location instead of the caller’s mobile number ". I got this from Mr Larry’s link above :

Maybe this can help you


Good ol’ Canadian telecom giants.

They don’t care.


It would be huge problem in EU if they do it. But well it is NA lawless :>
From description i can 100% be sure that they use no toll end point for connection which have fixed numbers on lines (like PSTN)
Now i can see sometime anonymous (call from US) but never wrong number.


Well, the easy way to test the issue is to simply set the CID at the provider and remove all doubt as to what the UCM is sending versus that which the provider wants to see and where. Then, if the calls go to the cell phone correctly, there should be no reason that the UCM can’t also do the same and if the calls still show up as Romania, then I guess it becomes a cellular carrier issue which is beyond the power of anyone on the forum to solve.


I set the CID on and so far with testing from desktop phones to cell phones we have had some success. However, still getting some of our customers saying that it still shows up as Romania. This is disappointing. As the use of VOIP was too mimic to a T what we had been using before. However I was not expecting that calling our customers cell phones would become such an issue. Even so, I still do think I would prefer to have the DOD setup properly in the UCM, and to get a better understanding of what settings show be checked such as:
Send PPI Header
Send PAI Header
DOD As From Name
Passthrough PAI Header


What checked depend on ITSP, each have their own demands.