Set office holiday message


Hi , i need to set on a UCM6202 a automatic holiday message for the inbound call . I be able to recorder the message but i dont know the way in order to set the automatic answer by a code i can digit in the phone.
someone could me the instruction to implemented that?



Stefano, message or wait for @damiano70 he is one of your countrymen and is very adept in anything Grandstream.


ciao Stefano,
sul manuale UCM trovi tutto, se desideri puoi chiederci assistenza via email:

oppure aprire un ticket se non ricevi risposte:


I think you’re looking for inbound routes.

Try this…

You should be able to dial a * code such as *61, *62 or some number depending on the number of inbound routes. You can dial the * code to match your desire for how the system should manage the calls.