Set custom DDNS provider? GWN7000


Hiya, question is in the title.
Having been a long time user of another hardware provider that offers flashy hardware with a blue U on it, i was looking forward to testing another brand that i had heard good things about.

However, i am disappointed in the lack of such a basic feature, such as being able to add a custom DDNS provider (

Any chance of this being added in any future firmware releases? Or has this been abandoned?
The free router you get from your ISP even has this feature, but it cant hold a consistent connection to save itself.



It’s a dead product. There is another currently in Beta, but not sure in the same class as it is reportedly more of a Home router. Nevertheless, it may fit your need, but I do not know about the custom DDNS. Maybe others who are currently testing it will chime in.


Damn, that’s a shame. Seemed a good product and a bummer as i just bought it a few weeks ago.
Is it official EOL, or is Grandstream just treating it like it is?


It is not yet an eol product, but you can open a ticket and ask official answers directly to GS:


GS does not have a formal product life cycle where they announce an end of sale, end of support or end of life date. They simply just let the product lapse into oblivion. In this manner, they assist the distribution supply chain to continue to sell existing stocks without having to do a buyback of a product that would otherwise not sell. The last firmware update was July 2020 which in and of itself speaks volumes as to its state.

You can also do a forum search to see what others have observed.