Set CallerID Info not complete


starting from version it is possible to manage the “Set CallerID Info” but in the various possibilities one important one is missing.
Assuming that my Italian Voip Provider sends me the cid in format +3977777777 I should remove the first 3 digits so that it appears 77777777.
And this is possible,
the problem is that if they call me example from another nation would appear +44888888, and with that modification I would only get 8888888 because the first 3 digits would be eliminated, and that’s not good.
A parameter such as "delete only the first N digits if they correspond to ZZZ. That would be perfect.


You can create separate inbound for Itally and separate for rest world.
1 inbound (itally):
CallerID Pattern +397.

2 inbound:
CallerID Pattern +x.

I really do not want to see very complex manipulation as this will create a lot of problem with usage.


Unfortunately this is not good because the rule +x. prevails over any other rule, so it prevails over +39.
now I’m looking for a different formula.
unfortunately does not allow you to sort the rules as it does instead in the outgoing routes.


Okay @Marcin, I may have fixed, now I get it, I’d need someone to make an inbound empty call to verify that a prefix other than +39 is not changed.


Yes :slight_smile:
You need separate call. I usually found that best is not modify incoming, just match outband if someone call back.


I prefer to solve both problems :yum:


Incoming call are pain :stuck_out_tongue: To many countries with not standardised numbers.
That’s why you can make separate route for local and other :slight_smile: