Service Check Option Questions


I would like to see if someone can shed some more light on the “Service Check” functionality.

The manual states that as an example “If there is no response from UCM6510 after 3 attempts (default) to check, current status will be stored an UCM6510 will be restarted.”
Can someone help me understand what it’s checking? My concern about enabling this is having the system reboot in the middle of the business day would be painful. Is it only going reboot if Asterisk crashes, for example?


Yes it check vital process and if necessary restart process or UCM. At this point i really believe that restart is better then half working UCM. If you worry about constant work then use HA.


Ok, so to clarify, it will restart a process, or if it’s really bad, restart the whole UCM?

The way the manual is worded it will just restart the UCM only, so if it will try restarting ancillary processes too, that’s ok.


Afair that how it suppose to work.
In few years i only see like few restart (it is noted in log with dump).


Ok, thank you!


sincerely, GS told me not to use this service if not necessary, as it only tires the CPU for nothing


Really ?And when it necessary it will be off. Great advice really.


I suspect (being teh cynical person I am) because when the core crashes, it causes concern with the users/owners who want to know why and how to fix and because it requires a 3rd party tool to read and understand the crash dump and GS is the only one that knows the internals, that GS would prefer not to be hammered with a bunch of requests to do so.


Yeah but this option also restart UCM. Without it UCM work half dead or do nothing. You can be forced to power down it and start manually.


Oh, I understand that, but its the only reason I can think of that would explain why they might suggest turning it off. Mine are on and I do get the occasional crash, but not very often.