Sensor settings: suggestions for improvement and bug


GSC3510 has several functions as a result of sensor triggering: play audio, make call, recording.

  1. The explanation of the recording function contains information that the recording starts after the sensor has triggered. But the recording does not occur. It starts only if the option to make call is selected.
  2. Section “Trigger time” also needs correction.

    Firstly it should contains date, time, day of week from system settings of the device. User should know that device is syncronized with actual date and time before adding a new rule. Secondary correct style for button “ADD”. It must be different from the days of the week. Now it is not immediately visible.
    I tried to add actual rule for testing the function. Time, Day of week was correct (but I can’t know about system date). Contact closure did not trigger the script on the event. Then I added an interval that includes all the days and all the time. This time, closure of the contacts leds to the triggering of the script. I can conclude that the date and time were incorrect on the device.



Thank you for your feedback, we have fixed some issue regarding this feature on our latest firmware v. Please try to upgrade and test it again on the latest firmware.

We will note this feedback.

Thank you,