Send voicemail o multiple emails


I saw older posts with no solution but thought I would ask. I need to be able to send voicemails from a single extension to multiple email addresses is this something that is possible in the grandstream?


No that I am aware. In those cases, I do a forward at the email server.


you can try with the voicemai group,
to the voicemail group you associate several extensions, consequently several emails


Email broadcast is usually from the email server as Larry has stated. The Grandstream will send to a single email address only at this stage.

You could always contact Grandstream support via the following link to ask for that feature is you wish.

See below.


Ring Group Voicemail will allow 10 email addresses.


Thank you all so much for the help. Futurephones gave me the solution that worked for his setup,


reading would have been enough :wink:


Just to make sure Im not missing an option somewhere or didnt setup correctly.
Under voicemail group option which I did try added two extensions into it however it did not email out the voicemail to either extension. However under Ring groups is an option that allows you to add multiple emails to the extension.


The initial request you made was to send a voicemail from a single extension to multiple email addresses, which is not possible using the UCM alone.

The others have pointed you to group VM which when a call lands at that destination, the caller is expected to leave a VM whereupon the system will email the VM to those who are members of the group. The VM will be the same for all members and they will need to coordinate between one another in the event an action is needed.

If the VM to email was functioning for the single, then there is no reason that it would not work for the group. Have you checked to see if the VM to email for a user extensions works? What are you using for email?

The RG VM is merely an extension of the group VM. It does the same exact thing as a group VM, but it was simply more convenient to include in the RG settings as the members had already been defined and there was no reason to duplicate by setting up a group VM.


Thank you Ipneblett. I was trying to do it by a single extension. I had it all set and working by sending an email to an address on my mail server which would then forward off to everyone needed as suggested. Not ideal since its one more fail point in my setup but it worked. I had also tried the voicemail group option prior to the post which didn’t seem to work for me but will revisit and try again to better understand it. I then saw the ring group voicemail option post this morning which worked for my setup. Thank you all again for the input and help.


Exactly how I read it as well. Now my take on things is to use a single email address and use a dedicated mail server to broadcast out, that way you have an email log and diagnostics to use as tools. I dont believe you have the same level of diagnostics with the UCM.