Send function codes to trunk connection -*21#


My local trunks have codes available to turn on and off redirections such as

Forward calls immediate
Forward call when busy

These are enabled and disabled by sending * and # codes with typically two numbers

So how do I send these codes down the trunk to the telco and not terminated locally on the UC 6200

Thank you



if you want to send to the trunk sip example 21# you have to try to create a route example 92 where it is composed 8821# and delete the first 2 digits.

(the asterisk adds it as I do not insert it in this post)


As Damiano stated, create an outbound rule and prepend the #72 (example dial code for telco) with any number(s) and direct to the needed trunk. The prepend is the “key” that allows you to direct the code to go out on a specific trunk so you may need to create more rules depending on how the trunks are controlled and how many there are. Each prepend would need to be different and you will need to strip the number of digits used in the prepend so the provider does not see these.