Send Extension to call from unique analog trunk


i have 2 lines connect as analog trunk but each line separate company on the same PBX 6204.
i create 2 analog trunk for each line and how to force one extension to call through Line 2 .
i need your help and all your efforts appreciated.


Outbound routes => enable filter on souce => Avaiable select the extensions that are allowed to place callll out this rule

So only these extensions can use this rule

and you will repate this for the 2nd trunk


you are right it’s working with me thank you.

i have IP Phone Grandstream 2160 and i have two analog lines how to choose which line for external calls because some times i need to call from Line 1 and sometimes from Line 2.

i added this extension in both groups (Trunk Line1 and Trunk Line 2)


just add prepared Number Like 9
and remove digit 1



  1. remove te ext that is using he gxp2160 from all other outbound rules
  2. create a 3rd rule this time add on the 2160 and mentioned prepend a digit in the dial lan example 7x. => strip one ae sure the leading digit is not the 1st rof any other extension this will use analogue trunk A
  3. creaat 4th rule saem has above only chage the prepended number and set trunk to B