Send DNIS to phone


How can I send the DNIS to the phone along with or instead of the caller id?


Which telephone handset?
What sort of call? is it PSTN? ISDN? SIP trunk? SIP Peer to Peer? IAX trunk?


In the inbound route, use the prepend name and enter the dnis/did you want.


If you are receiving calls from a Line that provides no CLI information apart from unknown then as Larry has stated - else if you have a particular line ringing a hunt group you can modify the Caller ID at that level instead.

So where a call rings a specific line you can send the call to an IVR / AA with the company greeting and either at the group level you can identify the call type - eg might be a SALES call for a particular product - you can signify it at the Group where the call needs to be answered.

But again what sort of call?


dnis is a paid service in the US and is different than CID/cli.

dnis represents the number that was dialed. So, if you have an analog service, as an example, and you have a number of different lines coming into the business, you can identify which number the caller dialed to reach you. I had one such client who advertised using billboards that were placed around the city at various intersections and each would have a different phone number to call. They would use the info to determine which billboards were productive and which were not.


So DID Injection over PSTN of sorts… hmm…


Yes, it stands for “dialed number identification service”. Hence, why with the UCM and most other Ip-PBXs, no need to pay for the service, simply prepend the name or number in the route.


I’m using GXP2130’s, it’s a SIP trunk.


You will need to talk to your SIP provider.

The SIP fields are different for CID and what would be the number dialed.
When set to “Auto”, the phone will look for the caller ID in the order of PAsserted
Identity Header, Remote-Party-ID Header and From Header in the
incoming SIP INVITE.

The number dialed would be in the To or Request URI User part.


They are sending the DNIS


IN what field?


Um, packet capture shows it in the To field.

I’m a telephone answering service with a large number of DID’s, the DNIS is how my system knows which client is ringing.


Yes, and as stated the number dialed by the caller (dnis) is in the TO or Request URI User part, which you have comfirmed.

The phone will not look for or display a number from either of these fields.; hence you need to see if the provider can do something.