You could have some small module to be installed inside the building that triggers the doo opening.
That small module could increase the security, because if we unscrew the door phone we have direct access to the the wires to trigger the door opening.
The module should interact with the door phone with some kind of security interconection. It could be selled as extra to increase thesecurity option.


See here:




Logged with the related post from “ALLUP”. Thanks.


I have the same question and link doesn’t work. I see that I have the Tamper Alarm option in settings. But what else could be done to improve security?



You can configure in “Alarm Settings -> Alarm Events Config” to configure Tamper Alarm, Wrong PIN input Alarm, and Non-schedule Access Alarm".

Taking GDS out of the wall and mess around the short wire or cable will not trigger door open.

You can enhance the security by using Weigand Interface, GDS via Weigand Output to 3rd party controller installed inside the build to open the door.

Or, you can even using HTTP API, PIN or Card swiped, Event Notification sending over network to a online controller, the controller will match the record and open the door via connected device.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710