Second company on same sip trunk, customer has new DID, best way to configure in/out ringing/CID?


Customer has a SIP trunk, with a couple of DID numbers on it. UCM6301 with no analog lines, 15x of the GRP2615 set to upgrade firmware tonight to

Customer wants new DID (which is another company they are just starting up) to ring a bunch (but not all) phones, and they want to be able to call out on that line which will show the DID CID.

What i’ve set up is a new extension number (in this case 2001, existing extensions are 1000-1015), and programmed that on ‘account 2’ using zero config on model templates, set up key 10 on the phones in question to be a Line on account 2 for X2001, with a specific label so they can press for outgoing calls as that extension using DOD form 2001. Incoming route created with a different ring tone, that rings to X2001 seems to work just fine.
Anyone have a better way to manage this?

Also, the phone button key 10 shows the users extension number (say X1000) instead of the X2001 that is programmed. When the user push-hold to adjust the button, it shows what ZC is programmed. They click save and it goes back to the account 1 extension name. I’m not sure how to remedy this issue, any thoughts on why the display doesnt show properly? What have I missed in programming…


Hi Marty,

Easiest way to do this is by use of Caller ID mapped to a name for the Queue via the SIP trunk.

SIP Trunk 1 - DID1 - Name Office1 - Queue name Office1 - add users / agents
SIP Trunk 1 - DID2 - Name Office2 - Queue name Office2 - add users / agents

All extension handsets are 1 x extension number only - multiple keys for a user / agent.

Dialling out for office1 number preference it with a 91 for Trunk 1 - DID1 number.
Dialling out for office2 number preference it with a 92 for Trunk 1 - DID2 number.

Strip 2 x leading digits and dial away.


  • Can keep the keys on the handset to a minimum
  • Reduces call back faults with users answering calls on 2nd extension, trying to transfer to a BLF extension that is dedicated to extension 1’s account
  • Simplifies call flow incoming and outgoing
  • No one needs to know the 2nd extension number eg July is on ext 1005 and 2005. Call answered on DID 1 and they have both ext 1005 and 2005 mapped - they have the page open for 2005 and transfer it to that extension - recipient thinks its for office 2 causing confusion because they answer the caller as if it was an office 2 call …


  • Need to dial 91 or 92 for the respective company that they initiate a call from.