Searching for an example GS telephone system support contract example


I am reaching out to see if anyone has an example of a service contract that can be offered to clients to support their Grandstream telephone system. I’ve been asked to put one together and having a starting point would be of great help.

If you don’t want to post it here, please feel free to PM me.



This can be a can of worms - do you want to offer to replace their hardware if it fails, labour only, international support, after hours work, the list goes on…

What is your specific criteria for your business that you want to offer to your maintenance client?

If it was myself, I would check and consult with the customer first, find out their expectations, and build a contract around them to suit and have a legal eagle look over the document who will love to put in Terms and Conditions for the customer to agree to and sign on the dotted line.


I know and I agree. But I was asked to draft something and having a model to work from really helps.

Do you have any samples you can share?


Try there…


Thanks. I will.