Search filter on CDR


on CDR search filter it seems to me that the parameters for the search of an outgoing number are missing, it is not clear how to insert the search keys, for example to filter outgoing numbers starting with 00

UCM 6200 con FW stabile


update, I opened a Ticket and this is the answer, in my opinion it is absurd that you can not do a key search on the outgoing number:
“Please note that searching using part of the number is not possible, you will need to set the full number in order for the search to be effective”.


Well, they are indicating that you can search on an outgoing number, just not part of a number. They need to see a fully qualified number.

You can always download and parse the results as needed and you can limit the results by using some of the criteria such a date, outgoing, etc., before downloading to lessen the effort somewhat.

While not as elegant as you would like, the info you seek is obtainable.


Mas realmente é assim, você não pode pesquisar um prefixo, o que você pode fazer é colocar códigos de conta e filtrar por código de conta.
Mas fica complicado porque por ex, falando de asterisk, você pode discar “XXXXX” dessa mesma forma e ele enviar isso pra outro endpoint SIP remoto, só se você pesquisasse por _00X." ai você faria uma pesquisa por prefixo.
Enfim, atualmente isso que voc~e está querendo não pode ser feito.


is in my opinion a lack, the same thing works perfectly with input numbers, so I don’t see why not apply the same search criteria to input numbers.
It’s not a matter of elegance but of functionality, the Customer often looks at these very things, and buys this or another Product according to his needs, he doesn’t want to know about shortages or reasons, the Customer unfortunately decides the market.


Infelizmente não é uma resposta que possa ser dada ao cliente, na entrada é possível fazê-lo atualmente, por isso também deve ser capaz de fazê-lo na saída, o cliente só isso aceita, não aceita limitações absurdas. Isto é uma falta, e não vejo qualquer problema em ser capaz de a resolver.


I am not arguing with you about the desire or need, I am merely indicating how it can be accomplished in the meantime. So, as we both know, submit a feature request.


yes yes I know, I guess you agree with me, just that if every time for any function “we find an alternative” (which is often not a valid alternative), the features are not fixed, so I prefer to at least report it.