SD Card stops recording calls,



I had a SD card in my 6402 UCM, it got full so I decided to get it out and backup the recording files externally, then I format it, reboot the UCM and get it in again. The problem is that the SD stops recording all calls, I had enabled de auto change storage so it turns to save de recordings localy when the SD is full and when I take it out, but when I try to open de recording files localy in the CDR section it says “The file does not exist or has been deleted. Please refresh the page and try again.” and the recording files sections is empty. But unexpectedly, minutes after I’m done making backups on the same SD it starts recording all the calls and I don’t understarnd how, because I didn’t change any configuration. (Well I deactivate and activate the auto change storage)
I’ve been reading some posts and they’re reporting almost the same situation with the SD.