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Topic: Screensaver not updating properly

With ending of ‘weather’ service, we built a little app that generates a weather image every hour and places it on www public server and use a typical XML file as shown below.

This works fine initially. However, we’ve been unable to get it to update with any consistency. We set the ’ Screensaver XML Download Interval’ to 5 minutes. We tested using a test site and see the phone making a query every 5 minutes, but yet it doesn’t update the image. We varied this by using different filenames for the live weather data (thinking perhaps it would only update itself on a new file name) also didn’t help. We varied the # of minutes up to 50 minutes, but also doesn’t update. Sometimes, it will refresh but only show a single image. Overall seems quite buggy.

Attaching sample jpg we use (usually we have a weather pict 10kb and a general weather forecast pic also 10kb so we don’t think the size is impacting.