Screen Fading Problems



Please help! I bought 45 new GPX2130s about 14 months ago. Of those, on about 10 the screens have faded so much it’s impossible to see who is calling you.

Is there an easy fix? Is this a know defect?




Defect but check with GS via helpdesk.


I just came to the forum to search/post about the same issue.


I seem to have this failure rate in about 20% of my 2130 and 2135 phones telling me its an issue with the screens themselves. I have had the issue for a couple years so I stopped buying them and went to either a 17xx models or the 2160/2170s and have never that issue. I have no idea if the issues are fixed now.


I have also been bitten by this problem. Of 22 2130s we bought a little over a year ago, 7 of the displays are now developing issues. Grandstream vigorously denies any responsibility for warranty coverage other than through “Certified Partners”, which is a moot point since the phones are out of warranty anyway.

So, I guess I have to ask questions of the “Certified Partners” out here. First of all, since this is clearly a design defect, is there any evidence that Grandstream has fixed the problem? Or are the currently manufactured units going to develop the problem as well? If there are backwards-compatible, re-designed screens, are they available for purchase? We have technicians that would be capable of replacing them.

In the worst case, what are the phones that are known to suffer from this problem? Clearly the 2130s and according to the previous poster 2135s as well. Any others? Or are the rest all “known good”?

If there has been no design change, it’s astonishing that a defect like this can still be sold, with the liability for the problem transferred to the “Certified Partners” to respond to.

Does anyone have more insight on this?


Just returned my 4th phone with this defect out of a batch of around 20 (GXP2130). It’s a little bit of a pain but grandstream has always been accommodating even through we ordered ours through amazon and not through a certified reseller. Of course, my warranty has not run out yet. :wink: I recommend exchanging them as soon as you notice ANY signs of the screen being washed out or faded. The problem will only get worse. It would nice to have some assurance that GS would extend coverage for this issue.


We have had multiple 2130s fade so bad you could hardly read anything on the screen. :frowning:


I am experiencing this issue - very cheap looking phones when the displays fade away. I am also out of warranty - I need to check if the supplier can still replace these. This problem does not seem to have happened with our android phones, 2160’s or the 2170’s even. Disappointing tbh.