Scheduled ring volume level


I’m using GXP1620 at home, and would like to change ring volume level during the day. I don’t want to use DND. I thought about remote configuration / provisioning and a scheduled sip notify to update configuration, but looks like ring volume is not controllable from the configuration.


which ip pbx are you using because it depends on how you attribute the call.


asterisk that is fully controlled by myself


What is your context for the extension call flow for the distinguishing of the call type ? Or are you using gui instead of command line ?


How does this relate to the question?
No GUI is used.


Why do you think letting the reader know the context for day time of the call isn’t relevant to your question?


As the question is about the phone, not PBX and its contexts.


Ahh, sorry i thought you understood how things work…my mistake for assuming you do know Asterisk.

So in the Asterisk context files you need to stipulate the day, night , lunch , special times of day and set the context accordingly, then you can set each one to present a different profile for ring to the handset so the handset can distinguish which ring tone to use.

Ergo the reason for asking the seemingly dumb question about contexts…

The handset will recognise what sort of Ring format that is provided to it under the heading of “Match Incoming Caller ID”

From that you can change the Ring tone in the telephone based upon the Caller ID pattern in the context of Asterisk - now because that is part of Asterisk and not the Grandstream this ends the lesson outside of Matching the Caller ID Rule as set out below in the picture which is just an example.


How all of this is related to the ring VOLUME level? I don’t need to change ringtone.


Upload ring LOW, MIddle, HIGH volume ?
There is no control for ring in phones.


only way is via context config with cl id as i stated…

As @Marcin pointed out, using 3 x different rings at different levels that can be assigned via the method i communicated to apply out of the box idea to your requirements…