Saving user config in a HT814 for use in other HT814s


Gudday all
I have just configured my first HT814 for a multi-campus school.
I have added dialling plans, cadences (for Australia), extensions, IP addresses etc.
What am i hoping to do is to be able to copy this config onto other HT814s and just change the IP addresses, extension numbers etc.The rest of the configuration will be unchanged.

I am assuming that login -> Advanced settings will get me to the required area.

I assume that it must be either of the 2 boxes marked.
The Export Backup configuration gives me an .xml but seems to be a binary file.

  1. Can I do what I wish?
  2. How do I download the user configuration?
  3. How do i edit that configuration?
  4. Then how to load onto another HT814?


G’Day Heathdale IT :slight_smile:

Download the config via xml and use notepadd++ that might prove easier, edit it and upload the file to another device.

xml is easier to read and understand… if you are very proficient in code download the device config and edit that…



Look to see if there is a MAC address embedded in the file. You may need to change it to match the device upon which you wish to restore if different from the source device where the backup was obtained.


Thanks for that mate. I downloaded the XML and can see it.



Found the MAC address. thanks for that advice