RS485 Connections


Does anyone have any more information about the RS485 connections, in particular why there are there and what function they server ( with detailed info would be great ! )

I’m trying to connect a ThingMagic Sargas RFID ( - with custom software onboard connecting to an Ethernet to Serial converter ( in order to read RFID tags at long range and then pass that over a local network and through the converter ( as Weigand packets ) to the GDS 3710 over RS485.

Am I chasing the impossible or is that how those connections are supposed to work ?

I’ve tried pushing so much different data through those channels and the GDS doesn’t log any data over those channels ( through it’s debug logs ) or … do anything …

I’ve tried in Card Issuing mode to send valid Weigand packets ( as if issued through a weigand compatible reader ) but it doesn’t issue any cards etc.

Help would be super appreciated :slight_smile: