Router with built in WIFI and external Antenna needs to be added to the Router range


Think a router with built-in wifi and Antenna should be added to the product lineup. Especially for using wifi handsets in small deployments


You are wanting GS to expand the “router offering”, knowing how well they did with the GWN7000?

I pulled the few I had out there and only 1 is left and that one is going to be leaving soon to join the others in the junk pile. It never lived up to its promise unfortunately. It does the basic stuff OK, but I had always hoped for more.


I have to admit I have never used a gwn7000 router, Today I needed to get a decent simple router for a client with wifi built in and had the choice of the usual suspects, Since we been using GS Aps in place of Mikrotik and very happy with the APs . I though how nice if they had an allin one device no cable to run into the ceiling.

But your sentiments have been echoed by other has well and I am sure for good reason.


What are the downfalls of the GWN7000? I have one that I set up on the bench, was going to implement it on my network. What should I be aware of?


Simply do a forum search. Then look at the firmware, specifically the last release date and finally the release notes for the history. It is a product that is no longer being supported with a checkered past that really never delivered on its claims.

It may be suitable in some cases at this point given it’s price point, but I have no qualms about paying a little more for a product that works as it should and is still supported.


Hey did you see the new Beta test for GWN7062…


Yeah, I applied few moments ago. Fingers crossed.