Ringtone use


I might be missing something, however, I am not seeing where you can program the unit to be in any other mode other than “auto-answer”. If this is the case, then why is there programming for ring tones in the unit?

It would be nice to be able to generate a ringtone from the unit (when used with deskphones or WP820 in a call pickup or universal answer type of arrangement).

However, I am not seeing how this is possible at the moment.

No ring tone capabilities, CID capabilities, or tone capabilities
No ring tone capabilities, CID capabilities, or tone capabilities

Second this. A common use case for these is to act as a loud ringer for large \ loud areas. Algo, for example, provides a Page \ Ring extension setup where you can configure different SIP accounts to auto-answer page, and just ring as long as the call invite is active.

The ability to monitor a BLF status for ringing is also useful, as you can keep a single SIP account, and provide both page and ringing using the single extension.


The ringtone is probably because they ported a phone firmware and it still needs a cleanup.

Since the speaker doesn’t have a button, it can’t really answer a call. HOWEVER, the AUX input could be using to trigger the Pickup, like it triggers a call if needed right now (tried it, nice little addon).


What we were envisioning a RINGTONE for would be to add one of the 3510 SIP ACCOUNT as a concurrent account (with a physical phone) or as a separate SIP ACCOUNT, then placed in a RING GROUP as part of the PBX function. Then, if the SIP ACCOUNT, or RING GROUP was “rang”, the SPEAKER would “RING” (emit a RING TONE) until a physical device DID answer the phone.

This could also be used as a UNIVERSAL NIGHT ANSWER for alerts to allow physical phones to perform a CALL PICKUP


Ringtone could still be implemented for distinctive rings based on CID information. Since they obviously intend it to be used for desktop as well as wall/ceiling mount, having the ability to know who’s calling (based on ring tone) before the auto-answer would be a benefit to a device that otherwise has no way to indicate the caller.


Is there delayed auto-answer ? (not get device yet :frowning: )
If yes then multiple tones or call reading would be required.


No, there is no delayed answer. However, if they added ring tone selection, then they could add delay to answer as well. :slight_smile:



Thank you for the feedback, we will note all these feedback and discuss it internally.


Without delay it is meaningless :slight_smile:
It must auto answer as this is speaker.


It is now. With the right things added to the firmware, it could be more.


I do hope you will add the ability to provide a “ring”, as the competitive products that we are currently using provide that option.



Our GSC3510 have 3 settings to handle the incoming calls:

  1. Block all-calls
  2. Set Password
  3. Auto-Answer call-calls

You can find these options under Calls->Blacklist/Whitelist Settings->Blocking Rules.


We will not have a ringtone feature on GSC3510 since this device will only serve as a multicast/paging device.

Can you clarify what did you mean by “the ability to provide a ring”?? Did you mean by a custom warning tone when it’s auto-answered?

Thank you,


A situation that we run into constantly:

We have a phone in a “noisy” area. We need a paging speaker in the area, however, we also need a way to generate a “ring” if the phone in the area is called.

With competing products that we currently use. We can utilize a SIP account (or multicast) for paging. We can also program a SIP account on the speaker to be concurrent with the phone in the noisy area. When the phone is “called” both the phone and the speaker will emit a “ringtone”. When the phone answers the call, the ring is terminated on both the phone and the speaker.

As the 3510 is now, with the “auto-answer” being the way the speaker is designed, utilizing the speaker as a concurrent SIP account with a phone for the purpose of utilizing it as a “loud ringing” speaker is impossible. There are instances where we will use competing products with MULTIPLE speakers to cover a noisy area (ie: shop classes in schools, manufacturing and testing areas in factories, etc.)

By eliminating this “simple” and easy programming step in the firmware, you are severely limiting the use of the product and forcing use of competing products.

This feature also allows use of the 3510 as a “universal answer” device when a call is sent to the concurrent SIP account on the speakers, and then any phone hearing the “ringtone” from the speakers can dial a “pickup code” answering the call and terminating the ring…


Any update to this problem? I am in the same situation as you.


It should be noted that the answering rule of the account is higher than [Blacklist/Hitachi/Greylist]