Ringtone for transfered call without losing caller-id


We have multiple clients now that wish to be able to all phones ring on incoming calls in the group, however once answered and transfered to the proper person in the same group, want a different ringtone for transfered call so it doesn’t sound like a new incoming call they could ignore.
Without losing caller-id of the original call because if I set a different ringtone for xxxx on the phone they will pick up thinking the call is from co-worker X and not the usual “Thank you for calling company name my name is name how can I help you” .

I hope that makes sense, is there a solution to this ?



im just researching and performing the same for one of my clients, perhaps knock on the door to David @drostoker in your country…


Off the top the only thing I can think of, and it has its own set of issues, is to use a different extension on the receiving person’s phone which would have a different ring tone. I cannot think of how to transfer a call, not lose CID, and trigger a different ring tone.



Using the contact list on the phone you can set up groups - which I would suggest to do for the office.

So use the following in the contact list of one phone and then download and upload to all other phones.

Group name: CE Computers & Networking
Group contact: extension of the phones go here 1 by 1, add them to the new group name and assign the ring tone (eg Ring tone 2) you want for the internal call from extension to extension,

Then whenever a call is made from extension to extension it will be a different ring tone to an outside call.


Can you post a screenshot of what you mean?

Also, I use LDAP as the phone book. Is there a way to do what you are suggesting in this regard?