Ringtone and Match Incoming Caller ID


Hello, I have a Grandstream GXP2160 phone. I set up “Account Ringtone” and “Match Incoming Caller ID”. When I receive a call the phone rings with the correct ringtone but I would like one of the ringtones set in “Match Incoming Caller ID” to be the main one, that is, it had priority over the others. Basically, I would like the call from an extension to have priority over the call from the outside. I hope I explained myself. Thanks Andrea


type exact number.
1234356 >1xxxxxx


Thanks. You say that if I receive a call from 8 and from 7 the 7 prevails?



7 will use 3 rule
8 will use 1 rule


Ok, this is correct but if I receive two simultaneous calls from 7 and 8 I would like the 7 ringtone to prevail.


You cant receive them simultaneous. 1 WILL always be first and that one will ring (network can’t sent simultaneous packets).
Second call will show but will not ring.

If you want control calls you can control them on PBX only.


Thank you