Ringing schedule


Can the GDS3710 programmed to ring different SIP extensions based on different time of the day?


Currently firmware only support enable/disable the doorbell button based on configured schedule.

This might be another feature enhancement, will report to DEV team for consideration.

Currently, if IPPBX used, program this at IPPBX side might help.

Thank you for using GDS3710.


Thanks the IPPBX can handle external calls with time conditions, but not internal calls which means I have to pay per ring if I use the IPPBX.
There is got to be another way.


You can setup a goofy call forward.

If you setup the GDS3710 to always call the same extension, you can setup a schedule on the extension. During office hours, call forwards to the correct location (extension, ring group, IVR) and out of office hours to another location.

To clarify, the extension wouldn’t be programmed on an actual phone, just virtual.


Instead of extension register GDS as Trunk this will solve all problems.


That sounds brilliant. Could you give a couple steps here? I’m not sure how to accomplish this.


Depend on PBX:

  1. register trunk (UCM can force register on trunk (AuthTrunk))or simple peer trunk. (GDS -> just check how to set IP connection).
  2. Incoming -> treat as normal trunk in PBX and do whatever you want.
  3. Outgoing -> just set possible dial as anything (whatever you wish your number need be). Example: 99 and forward this call to GDS trunk (usually not used).