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Hello all,

I have user extensions that are on incoming ring groups that legitimately need to use their wave app while on premise, however while off premises they do not need to be picking up exterior calls and complain about their wave app constantly ringing to the point they eventually just sign out.

Is there any way to only ring the wave app after X rings? Or have some sort of desk phone only ring group ? Allowing extensions to be in a ring group but not annoy users in the same group that are on the road.

Also open to suggestions if im going about this the wrong way.

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create a queue and login logout from the queue


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Thank you for using the Wave app! You can try to use call queue feature as Damiano claimed and see if that feature meets your requirements. If you do not want the extension to ring in that group, you can logout that extension at that time and log in again once you need to use the extension. Thanks for your testing!

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HI @GSSupport74

unfortunately in the WAVE APP there is no exit key (without losing the next login),
it is only possible to stop the App from proceeding to Android, which is not really simple.

It would be interesting to be able to exit WAVE from the APP itself, without having to enter the credentials every time in case of login.



When you set the devices to be the same extension (wave, desktop, etc.), then they all have the same identities and settings. In essence, they function as if one and regardless if being a member of a ring group or Q agent or other. If you pause, you pause all. If you log out with one, you log out all and the list goes on.

The determining factors are the method of membership be it an account with more than one device, q, ring group.
How a function is induced - by a dial code or if using a device independent function.

As an example, if using a dial code then it depends on where the dial code is executed. In some cases there are codes that are specific to the UCM and others, if features are enabled at the phone, will only take effect at the phone.

For example, if one uses a DND dial code that is activated at the UCM, then when a call comes in, the UCM will know that DND is activated and will not send any call to any associated device. If however, DND is not activated at the UCM, but at the phone instead, the UCM will pass the call to the device and the device will inform the UCM that it is not taking calls. The device buzz or chirp one time upon seeing the call initially, but it will stop almost immediately following the UCM seeing the reply sent by the phone telling the UCM it is not going to take the call.

The options are too long to go into here, but what you might try is to simply have the user set the phone WAVE to DND using the account status function using the Wave app. This is a apparently a device only function. When a call comes in, the UCM will send the call, but the device will chirp/buzz and then stop. The desk hard phone will ring as normal. The down side is the chirp/buzz and then, of course, getting the user to remember to disable the DND when the time comes. Overtime and after a few friendly reminders for the forgetful - firing squads, public humiliation, dunce caps, perhaps they will more mindful. Just remember that DND is not an equal opportunity DND as no calls will come through and ring regardless of what or who sent them.

Play with the various settings and select what seems best for your needs.


Dear users,

Thanks for all your suggestions and feedback! I have share your suggestions with our Wave development team for future evaluation. Thanks for your testing!

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My workaround would be to create a second extension for each user and I would call this their mobile wave extension.
By doing this, you can have a desk phone only ring group which would include all the users desk phone extension only and then there second extension would be dedicated for the mobile wave app.

I know this is not the best solution, but I think it might work.

They can easily use the Call Forwarding or Follow Me feature in the UCM to tie both their extension together based on there ring preferences.


with DND you no longer receive any type of call, instead with login logout from the queue you can receive calls from other extensions,
it depends on what you want to achieve.


Call forward from a ring group is ignored. I do not recall about find me/follow me, but most of the extension settings relative to forwarding a system owned call are ignored as it forms a sort of high-jacking of the call.

In essence, if a call is sent to an extension with a cell as a forward and that cell is out of range, turned off or otherwise not answered, then the cell VM may kick in (immediately in some cases) and answer the call thereby depriving the other ring group members the opportunity of answering the call. Then the ring group call is in limbo until such time as the cell owner becomes aware of the cell VM.

Similarly, the FM/FM function might send the call, but it still defeats the purpose of not wanting to disturb the RG member as it will ring the cell instead of the WAVE and then give the cell owner the offer of answering or rejecting the call and if rejected that call will go to extenson owner’s VM where it too will remain in limbo until the extension owner deals with it.

Either change to a Q as Damiano has suggested or use phone DND.
You can set the WAVE as a second extension, but then the user has two extensions to dial with as do the users/clients who wish to dial that person.


Dear users,

Thanks for all your suggestions and feedback! Larry’s suggestion is very comprehensive. I will also report this feature and your temporary solution to our Wave development team for evaluation. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!