Ring Group to Voice Mail


Ok, I set up a ring group. I have a trunk posted to the ring group.

All the appropriate phones ring.

I set up a voice mail group and recorded a greeting.

I made the final destination of the ring group to be the voice mail group.

The phone rings for x time and just drops the call.

It appears it never goes to voice mail?

any help on what I am doing wrong?? Thanks folks!!!


Have you tested your Email settings under System settings ?
Send a test email and Make sure the email log shows test email is being sent with a 250 return code.

If not check email credentials, username , password , sender…etc


Confused as to why having voicemail on a ring group has anything to do with email??


in your case it does not have any impact. what happens if you send to an extension’s vm instead…or even an extension and then let the ring timeout occur.


I use an extension’s voice mail. The call rings then goes to fast busy. Never hits mailbox??


Do a network capture and post the pcap file. Do from an extension to extension without answering so we can see the messaging.


Sorry my mistake, i’m thinking of voice mail to email.

I had a similar problem with calls not going to voice mail in an earlier post


Eventually i swapped the UCM with another.
I think the UCM was corrupt


Did you upload a prompt to the voicemail group?


I set up the ring group to go to one of the extensions voice mail but that didn’t work.


can you call the VM phone to phone or by dialing *?

What firmware is the system on?


Voicemail groups rely on the underlying extensions to have voicemail enabled. Check that you have voicemail enabled for the individual extensions and double check that they are working by calling them directly and letting them time out.