RFID event trigger


Hi everyone,

I want to open a door via RFID, but do not use the internal relays. I need an event for further processing. Is there a possibility for RFID to trigger a SIP call, as well as when ringing or how can I solve this best?

BR Junior


U can use GDs as card reader only and sent card number via wigand to external system.
RFID is authorisation so it will not trigger call.
You can also use Event notifocation to sent info about card read.


@junior: Yes, @Marchin is correct. RFID reader will not trigger SIP call, but you can setup Event Notification and a HTTP server to collect those RFID number when scanned (via ethenet), then the server processing the ID and sending HTTP API command to GDS3710 to open door (if the strike connected to GDS); or in your case after collecting RFID card number from Event Notification and server will do the open door processing by instructing 3rd party device where door is controlled.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710.