RFID cards


Good afternoon.
We currently have an apartment complex where there is a telephone exchange and each client has a grandstream telephone where the sip server and user id are configured.
My query would be what parameters are necessary to configure, in the card management section of the GDS3705, as reported in the previous paragraph.
Where it says card number, it refers to the whole number that is seen on the rfid card or only one part since the numbers are separated into three parts. And in virtual number you have to put the number that customers have configured on their phones or you can put any number.
I await your response.
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You need to have purchased fobs or rfid cards to register the ID’s that are assigned to them and you then register that ID to the GDS. Once the card or fob is registered you can assign them to the extension / customer and any scheduling / pass codes you may wish to assign.


First part only on Grandstream cards.
You can also add them via GDS itself, check manual for it.

Is there a server SIp or you call via IP ?


First of all, I thank you very much for responding.
And answering what they mention to me, configure the first part of the numbers of the grandstream card.
The username, I put the name of the client. It’s okay?
Then and the last thing I have left is the virtual number, which in this case I set it up in the following way. I have a client that has the internal 01, in the virtual number I assigned the 1001. Is it ok?
From what I see with the parameters username, card number and virtual number, it should be enough for everything to work.
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Only card is and permission door unlock is important :slight_smile: for unlocking door (rest marked red must simply be filled).

As for calls:
Virtual is translated to SIP and call is initiated. Not sure if it will 01 or 1 :slight_smile: