Restriction of programming by Handset Keypad


I am not seeing anything on the web GUI about preventing, or restricting the keypad access to programming from the handset.

I see where there is a way to restrict the WEB GUI from the handset, but not the other way around.

That will DEFINITELY be a requirement for our customers as they have us restrict what a GXP phone can access from the phone screen.



Thanks for the suggestion, we will take it into consideration.


One of my customers who has been chomping at the bit for these phones will not consider them if we cant restrict the ability of the user to change programming.

This is a manufacturing firm with multiple locations and they restrict all end user devices to where only an administrator can vary the programming.


With the “CONSTRAINT MODE” programming via P CODE the keypad restriction is working GREAT for us…



This feature is already available via web UI under System Settings->Security Settings->Configuration via Keypad Menu. Please let us know if there are additional concerns with this feature.