Restore to Factory Default Setting a GXP1450 without admin password


Hi everyone,

I need Restore to Factory Default Setting a GXP1450 but I haven’t the admin password.

In the manual says that press OK button and select the Config option but the Config option not appear.

Because I haven’t the admin password I can’t login to option admin sesion.

Can tell me anybody if there is any form to reset the config of this terminal without the admin password by example with a jumper inside the phone?




If you have provisioning set up, you can provision a new PW


@lstutesman very thanks by your answer.

And if I haven’t configured the provisioning there is another way?




I’m not sure on that model.

I’d open a ticket if no one else replies.


This crops up frequently. Look at this post Factory Resetting a GXP 2140 when you know none of the passwords!
It applies to most GS handsets including the 1450


@lstutesman, very thanks…

I opened a ticket yesterday and the helpdesk told me that the GXP1450 is end of life and they not gives support for It anymore.

And that the unique way to restore to the default factory config is knowing the admin password.

Let’s see if you have more luck.




The 1450 is indeed eol and has been for some time. The method I referred you to will work with the 1450.
If you follow the steps described you’ll provision the handset with a password of your choice whereupon you can reset the handset