Responses to external IVR not sent


When an internal user calls a service with IVR, his responses to IVR are not passed to it
When an in internal user tries to call an external number equiped with an IVR service, like a BANK, when he dial the response, the remote system does not recognize/get those responses.
PBX: UCM6302
PBX is connected solely to ANALOG LINES
Problem occurs on:

  • IP (digital) extensions
  • Analog lines FXO1 and FXO2
  • Also occurs with GXW4108 analog lines
  • All lines come from service provider modems

Problem DOES NOT occurs on:

  • Analog extensions (FXS ports)

I am new to GRANDSTREAM and IP telephony and don’t know if there is some programming involved in this issue.


missing scenario, products used and details, screen configurations