Residential Gate Intercom System Architecture


I’m looking for suggestions as to the simplest system architecture to use to allow the GDS3710 to be used somewhat like a Ring doorbell system but on a gate. I’d like the 3710 to call one or two cell phone numbers when the call button is pushed so that the recipient of the call can talk to the visitor and open the gate if desired. If the 3710 was a POTS system, something like the OBI200 and Google Voice line would do the trick, but, oddly enough, that doesn’t seem to be an option with the 3710. What is the recommended configuration for a simple (I hope) gate intercom system like I’d like? Thanks.


Fist created two or as many users you want called Under Extensions/Trunks>Extension> Select the extensions in question and go under features, check the box Ring Simultaneously and add the cell phone number you want to be called when the door box called button is pressed. Do the same for as many numbers you want to be called. In the UCM system With doorbell mode set to “call doorbell number”; you can make the number the door to call a ring group number. Within that group, you add the users created from above, you want the door to call.set the Ring Strategy to ring in Order. This should give you the results you are looking for. Let me know if this was helpful.


yes, @scadet7 said is correct.
Or, use GS_Wave video version and register it to the UCM, then put
hose extensions in the doorbell button configured for calling.
All these required UCM involved. Thanks for using Grandstream products.